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A Scandal in Bohemia – Stephanie Baudet

When Sherlock Holmes is asked for help by a powerful yet dim king, it seems that he cannot refuse. But the detective has no idea that this case will bring him up against a woman just as clever, cunning and quick as he is. Has Holmes finally met his match?

As someone who really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes tv-series and of course the books, I was really curious about the children’s version. I was quite surprised to see that the writer decided to keep the original dialogue between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, but this made the story more fun to read.

When there is an unfamiliar item in the story there is a little description box on the page that explains what the item means. Which I think is a brilliant idea for younger readers. There are also great illustrations that are making the story more fun to read.

A Scandal of Bohemia is a straight forwards story and easy to read and to understand for younger readers. But it is still mysterious and surprising. The characters are described great and the illustrations make it complete.

I really enjoyed it and I think this is a great book to introduce the younger readers to Sherlock Holmes. It makes me curious about the other books as well.

Title: A Scandal in Bohemia
Author: Stephanie Baudet
Illustrations by: Arianna Bellucci
Publisher: LSweet Cherry Publishing
Pages: 120
Publishing date: 14th May, 2020
Rating:  ★★★★✩
Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with the ARC. This book will be out on 14th May 2020.

About the author

Stephanie Baudet

Stephanie Baudet is the author of over 50 books for children plus a historical novella for adults. She was born in Cheshire, England, and grew up in Australia and New Zealand. She now lives in Buckinghamshire next door to her daughter and family.

She has been teaching creative writing, as well as copy-editing and proof-reading, for over 15 years, and also do manuscript appraisals at very competitive rates.

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